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Qualifications for L&D Professionals

I'm looking for ideas to help develop L&D professionals

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Beyond the obvious CIPD Level 3 and TAP Certificate, what qualifications would you recommend for L&D professionals? 

We are looking at ILM Coaching, and psychometric testing qualifications such as MBTI.

I'd be really interested in your views on qualifications that you have found useful or that you look for on a CV

thank you


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By Kickstart Development
13th Nov 2017 12:44

Hi Chris

Agree that CIPD/TAP/Coaching/Psychometrics all stand L&D folks in good stead. Is there also an opportunity to go for breadth as well as depth, and things that aren’t just qualifications?

For instance...
Business/ commercial understanding and expertise - if this is highly developed it can make a massive difference to how L&D works in a business and drives the agenda.

Strategy creation and implemention - which can really help L&D and the business to get really good at turning ideas or thoughts into strong actions and results.

Digital skills - creating webinars, using yammer/slack, using video.

Systemic constellations is a really exciting area too - brilliant skill for L&D people to have, really enhances and deepens understanding of why organisations respond the way they do.

Hope this helps a little Chris.

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