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Qualifications or training for Operational Coaches

Developing Operational Coaches

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We have Coaches who support staff in frontline areas and provide coaching on 'technical' know-how. They're normally selected based on their own high performance in an Operational role. I'd like to provide formal training for them, possibly a formal qualification. Any suggestions or experiences to share?

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By clive boorman
06th Jan 2016 15:20

Hi lxrodge, coaching is an area of expertise for me and I just want to ask you to think about something first and that's; 'what do you mean by coaching?'
When I started working for my current Org, they had SME's who were supposed to be coaching. However, what they were actually doing was advising, telling or mentoring - all valid activities but none of it was actually coaching. When I provided support and education about what coaching is; most struggled as coaching is perhaps the opposite of all the approaches mentioned above.
The good news is that you can actually get a totally free and excellent two day certified coaching course via the Coaching Academy. Here is the link:
I would urge you to explore whether what you consider to be coaching is the same as what will be explored in this (or any course). Hope that helps.

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