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Questioning Skills Exercises/role plays.

Needs focused questioning activities/exercises/role plays etc

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Hi, I know it's a bit of an old one this, but I'm going to be running some half-day sessions with some recruitment people who need to enhance their questioning skills as a means to understand their client's needs. I need to get them to be asking questions - a lot - in order to sharpen the way they think about how they gather information from the person sat opposite. Not just information, more about their Needs. Along the lines of SPIN selling kind of exploration into needs.

It'll be quite a senior group. I would value some ideas as to what way I can get them doing things, get feedback, try again till the lights go on and eventually develop what I believe is the nucleus of this skill - a heightened sense of curiosity. To not settle for the first answer, but to probe and drill and check out  what they actually mean by... etc

Thanks in anticipation!






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