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Rating Scales for Assessing Job Applicants

Rating Scales for Assessing Job Applicants

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I'm reviewing a rating scale for staff selection and would appreciate links where I can find some authoritative detail on advantages/disadvantages of various scalar types, preferred models etc.

Your assistance will be appreciated.
Robin Henry

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By workingp
28th May 2002 09:39

Hi Robin, I have several books/articles covering this, but probably in more depth than you need. Depends partly on what you're trying to achieve - a basic rule if you're wanting to do any statistical analysis beyond frequency counts would be to avoid categorical data (i.e. eye-colour). Likert, Semantic Differential, Guttman etc all have pros/cons - but depends on context. Get in contact if you'd like to talk it through - unfortunately I have no relevant www links, Regards, Conall

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