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Recommendations for a BIG project

Looking for some help identifying an organisation to partner with for a 3 month training program

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Hi all,

Sorry for the commercial question but I was hoping someone might be able to help recommend an organisation to partner with on a large project for 2017. My company has won some work to recruit over 1500 customer service reps for a client strectching across the UK, and are looking to partner with a company that can help train and onboard these new employees. 

The contract will run over 3 months and we estimate we'll need around 50-60 trainers to complete the work. Any recommendations will be much appreciated.

Apologies for the anonymous post but the details are confidential at the moment. 

Many thanks. 

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By David Freedman
22nd Nov 2016 13:08

Hi Anonymous.

We might be able to help, as a major training provider in sales and service skills.

Email me at [email protected]

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Blake Henegan Optimus Learning Services
By blakehenegan
24th Nov 2016 09:08

Hi Anonymous

We can help you with this - the design & delivery of the induction program, trainer management, booking administration and evaluation so that you can prove to your client the impact of the training.

Take a look at and email me at [email protected]



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By Rus Slater
27th Nov 2016 06:43

Tony Monk at Evolution Training

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By TonyMonk
28th Nov 2016 17:03

Hi, One of my associate trainers (Rus Slater) kindly recommended me to you to assist with this project, we regularly work with companies at pre-bid stage providing example CV's and accurate daily rate for national teams that can be recruited quickly and efficiently. If you could like more information for your decision making process I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks Tony
e: [email protected]
tel:01925 820555

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