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Recommended Coaching Courses

I am looking for a good coaching course

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Morning all,

I am looking to bring in a coaching culture and programme company-wide and am looking for some recommendations on courses to become a qualified coach. I would like to put some of our trainers through the course. I have started researching but it is a minefield, there are so many options, I don't know where to begin!

The objective for them in the role would be to conduct skills and performance coaching with a sales team. 

Does anyone have any recommended programmes/providers for this? 

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By clive boorman
26th Sep 2018 09:07

What about a free coaching course? The coaching academy run excellent free courses so you can get the foundations to coaching and you can take it from there. Check them out here
Hope that helps.

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By Sheila Taghavi
26th Sep 2018 10:04

Thanks Clive, The Coaching Academy did come up in my searches actually. Life coaching is a good start and great they are free but I am looking for something more in the skills and performance coaching arena. Any more suggestions are greatly welcomed!

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By clive boorman
02nd Oct 2018 11:44

Hi Sheila, I've sent some business colleagues on it who have become excellent coaches and it covers GROW which is the most common coaching for performance model. I think it's possibly a little bit of semantics that it's called life coaching but it certainly covers achieving personal goals which could be performance or skills.

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