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Reflection after training session

Reasons for reflection session after session and suitable questions

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I am running a short Train-the-Trainer session for a particular course and have resposnsibility for the training skills section.

I want to introduce the importance of using a short reflection period at the end of sessions. The reasons for doing this off the top of my head are:

  • that as learners we we are selective about what we learn and what we think will be applicable when returning to our jobs. Five minutes for reflection allows participants to review what they have covered in the session and choose one or more points they will be able to apply in their jobs on returning to work
    • Time may also be used to fill in a log and or/action plan¬†
  • reflection time also provides them with an opportunity to think about and raise any areas that they did not fully understand during the session
  • evaluative - learners can consider and note down what they thought was good about the session and what areas for improvement there might be

Are there other good reasons for including time for reflection?

What are some good questions that you might use to stimulate thought discussion during this reflection time?

Are there specific advantages to doing a relflective execrise individually or in pairs/groups?

Looking forward to hearing your input :).


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