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Risk management exercises

Risk management exercises

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Hi there

Can anyone let me have any risk management exercises they have or point me to any sources.  I want one as part of project management programme I'm running.  The ones I aready use (written by me) are a bit tired and old now and I'm looking for some inspiration.  Something that takes about an hour to do, so not too big in scope, but challenges people to put their thinking hats on.




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12th Sep 2012 19:27


What about setting up some stations around the wall with a series of pictures or real objects, models etc.

ie... A Car, A ladder, A Diving Board, Canoe, High Wire, etc etc etc  Each item has a flipchart with a question..."What is the highest you would jump from?" "What is the fastest you would drive?" "How far would you windsurf offshore?" "How far would you freefall parchute jump?"

Round 1

Station exercise (in 2's they visit each station for 1 minute then move to next) and answer flipchart question

Round 2

Do it again, maybe with an incentive of £100 if they can go a bit further

Round 3

Do it again, maybe with an incentive of £10000 if they can go a bit further

The wash up is a discussion around risk / reward. At what point do you say NO MORE?

ie If they would jump into a pool from 20 meters I'm sure they could achieve 22 meters. If not 23 meters how about 22.2 meters...At what point does the benefit outweigh the risk?

 Risk Matrix below can be used to plot responses?  

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By John Baldwin
13th Sep 2012 08:52

Thanks for your response Steve.  Unfortunately I don't understand what you are saying.  Can you please clarify.



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13th Sep 2012 08:56

Sorry there is another Risk post just below yours...have now cut and pasted

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28th Jul 2015 09:02


This sounds a good exercise, however as in the other post, do you have the matrix that goes with the exercise.

I am developing an introduction course to risk management within law enforcement and any ideas are welcomed

Thank You


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28th Jul 2015 10:06

I do have the risk matrix and you might also want to look at

Although ALARP is aimed at safety risks it could easily be adapted to fit in with systems and procedures.

If you email me I will send you some useful info on risk that can be used with the exercise mentioned earlier in this thread.

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to SteveRobson
04th Mar 2019 20:04

Hello Steve, I really like your exercise which tests how much risk people are willing to take for progressively higher rewards. Can you kindly send me the assessment matrix please?
Many thanks,

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