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Seeking business 'coach' for training company

I'm looking for a business 'coach' to help me grow my training company

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I run a small training company and am keen to grow it. I'm looking for someone with experience of developing businesses in the area of training who could offer some consultancy hours to help me develop a strategy, aimed at getting the business out of its current 'rut'.

The product (training) side of things is fine, but I'm struggling to grow the business (profit wise) sufficiently in order to be able to take on admin support, develop a training pool etc. Help with marketing etc welcome, but an overall strategy or plan for the next few years is what I'm really seeking.

Anyone out there with business 'coaching' skills?!


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By perspec1
29th Oct 2018 12:11

Are you looking to build your business with your own clients, increase the level of profitable training you deliver (to the clients of others) or a mix?

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