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Selecting a Micro Learning provider

Greatly appreciate your insights into best micro-learning providers

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I'm presently reviewing micro (bitesize) learning providers for my organisation, I'm looking for a company that has off the shelf ready-made material, rather than one that wants to convert my companies content. Core focus would be on personal effectiveness, management, leadership skills, but anything for IT professional would be great. It would be great to hear about other peoples experiences/recommendations in this space. 

I'm presently looking at a mixture of traditional e-learning providers...Linkedin learning, Coursera, Udemy, Plauralsight, Skillsoft, Udacity

and looking at the more specific micro learning providers...Skillshub, Grovo, microlearn, skillpill

Any other suggestions / experiences welcome. 

Many thanks,


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By perspec1
24th Jan 2019 13:17

Hello Andrew, all of the choices listed are e-learning providers so maybe the definition of micro-learning you are working with is all around a digital. For skills and behaviours which are not so easy to learn from e-learning I created a global network of part-time, competent trainers who delivered skills training in 30/45 minute sessions with their own team meetings cutting out the need for the costs of external trainers and with no utilisation impact. The provider used to create the content for these micro sessions was Toojays
( They constructed complete packages for each subject including several micro sessions, exercises, slides, handouts, joining instructions etc. for my global training team. It was very successful.

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By ABaillie1
24th Jan 2019 13:49

Thank you for sharing

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By clive boorman
06th Feb 2019 08:52

Litmos Heroes is worth looking at. You py one price and get all of their content. You can consume it as bite sized micro-learning or as an end to end course......

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Replying to clive boorman:
By ABaillie1
06th Feb 2019 10:14

Hi Clive, thanks for input, i'll check them out.

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Replying to ABaillie1:
By clive boorman
06th Feb 2019 10:37

no problem, hope it helps.

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