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Should I recruit a sales person?

I have tried a couple of sales people, but so far without success. Should I try another approach?


I'm wondering if any other training companies have "been there, tried it!" with this one?

I'm wondering if I invest more time and money in a sales person (we've tried a couple so far, but without success: one kept sending out the wrong information and going home early, the next guy spent 5 months with us, was all about strategy etc. but increased sales by 0%).

Or should I spend the money on a trainer based in the office who could take some of the workload off myself/take calls from potential leads. As this person would also be a trainer, update materials etc. they would have more subject knowledge and be able to have more meaningful conversations with potential clients.

The problem I find is that the sales people I have tried, don't take the time to really understand the training we offer (it's a bit niche: medication training for social care staff). I also wonder if telesales/email/direct mail outs etc are a good idea.

If I took on a trainer for say 2 days a week (and then grew those hours) I might have more time for blogs (training updates), Linked Ins, speaker engagements etc. All our trainers are currently associates.

Is anyone else coming to this conclusion (use the trainers as sales staff) or have I just been unlucky/not provided the sales people I have tried with enough direction etc.

How have other training companies got on?


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