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Skills Audit

Skills Audit

I have been asked to conduct a skills audit for 10 support staff, which will highlight their current skills compared with their job description, and any skills/training gaps.

Does anyone have any handy resources that they have used in conducting one?

natasha wallace


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07th Aug 2003 15:17


When auditing skills it's useful to have a standard skills framework produced by an external body - this provides some degree of objectivity to the exercise. An example is the IT User Skills Framework, produced by e-skills UK. You can check it out on

The framework for technical IT skills is SFIA, available via

Other skills frameworks are being produced by other sector skills councils ( for a list).

Hope this proves useful.


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By admin
14th Aug 2003 10:53

Hi, You might want to consider looking at the TNA Toolkit, available from the Training Zone library, which I'm sure will be of real help to you.

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12th Aug 2003 10:48


Having only 10 people with whom to do a skills audit makes it both difficult ... and easy.

With a very large number of people it is appropriate to identify the skills they need and then run a questionnaire, validated by supervisors, to find out who needs what training. Large numbers can provide more specific results than small numbers (most of the time) With such a small group, I'd do it by personal interview -with or without a questionnaire.

Important issues are: 1. Do they all do the same job? 2. Are there performance standards to use as a guide? 3. Are there people who are known exemplary performers whose behaviour you can model?

You could run a questionnaire followed-up by interviews to validate respondents' answers.

If you'd like a copy of a skills audit I have used, please email me.

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