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Small Team of 5 Need Trust/Team Building Exercise

Seeking a team/trust building exercise for a small team max 5 - only meeting for the second time

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I am facilitating a workshop and one of the key objectives of which is to bring a newly formed managment team togehter to build trust among them and help them understand eachothers perspectives. They dont know eachother well and operate (and will continue to operate) out of different geographical locationsWhile English is the working language, its not the mother tounge of all the team.  As a team they will now be charged with developing one region (whereas previously they were in charge of there own country) . My biggest challenge is finding an exercises that will work for a small team of this size, most of the ones out there or that I can find are for teams of 8 and up.  Ideally one that will build trust and understanding different perspectives.. any help appreciated.  Aisling


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03rd Sep 2018 09:07

Hi Aisling, I have an exercise called the council's decision which is good for new teams to work on. If you send me a personal message, I will send it to you.

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