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I'm a Trainer AND an air steward!

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Trainers are like air stewards

An ex-colleague of mine used to say that us trainers are a bit like actors. Regardless of how we're feeling on the day, we stand at the front and perform!

I regularly liken myself to an air steward when I'm delivering a training session. For up to seven hours on this long-haul "flight" I ensure I'm:

  • All "eyes and teeth, eyes and teeth"
  • Making my "passengers" aware of health and safety procedures
  • Fulfilling basic human needs
  • Keeping a keen eye on folk who are a little highly strung
  • Asking one or two bods to stop playing with their mobile phones
  • Dealing with people's "baggage" !!

Can you relate to my analogy? Have you any of your own?




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05th Feb 2016 11:27

Loving the air steward analogy. Can definitely relate to that! I often use the actor analogy when training customer service. The uniform (if worn) or work clothes are their costume and the 'shop floor' is their stage. Asking them to write a review of their performance as if they were a film critic can help the point 'hit home'.


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to suebeatt
05th Feb 2016 13:00

That's a really great idea, Sue! We deliver Customer Service training, too if I can pinch that idea?!

Any insights from the rest of the group?

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05th Feb 2016 14:07

Ade, love the analogy and can TOTALLY relate. Sometimes I feel more like a child minder or a zoo keeper, but that's only on really bad days (thankfully rare). I have thought of the 'acting' comparison before and have even given myself the pre-talk "C'mon now Jane, game face on, smile, lift your shoulders, deep breath..." but I think I prefer your analogy.

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to janehodgson
05th Feb 2016 14:51

Thanks Jane,

When I start going around the room asking: "Tea? Coffee?" I'll know I've taken it a bit too far!

Any other sparkling analogies out there?


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08th Feb 2016 12:42

Hi Ade, I have often found my job to be akin to a politician. I work internally in a highly charged, highly emotive industry where people are under the cosh and people often ask quite emotive questions. I have to ensure that I don't let my personal opinions cloud the activities that I'm involved in or the way I answer the questions asked - not always easy.

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to clive boorman
08th Feb 2016 13:11

Cheers Clive, sounds like you're constantly having to check yourself? As you say, not easy!

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