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The Iceberg of Change

Excuses Not To Change

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Change Excuses
Torben Rick
There are always a million reasons NOT to change and this graphic captures some of the most common reasons or 'excuses' for not innovating or initiating new plans. Being aware of how certain mindsets can prevent us from grasping opportunities when they arise can be one of the first steps in moving forward. Making people aware of these barriers before starting a change programme can be a constructive first step. (Image Source: Torben Rick


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18th Jan 2017 14:14

Great illustration - resonates with every type of organisation! This post looks at how to successfully lead employees in times of organisational change:

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29th Nov 2018 02:30

This is actually really applicable in a lot of life situations. I reckon that a natural phenomenon like an iceberg could teach us a lot of things - like how we should never underestimate or overestimate things based on what we can see. We need to do our research on the units, prices and services and all the other nuances before making a decision on anything!

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