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tighter regulations on psychotherapists

unregulated dangers

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I have noticed articles both online and in newspapers arguing for tighter regulation of therapists. As we all know anyone can sign up for a few courses, read a few choice books and it is within the law to set up shop as a psychotherapist for example. I have some concerns about this due to personal experience of harm and defamation when I hired someone who claimed to belong to regulatory bodies fraudulently. Even in the small area of the UK I live in there are only two practioners of CBT (opinions of CBT being irrelevant for the purposes of this post) yet open a yellow pages and there are dozens of people claiming to be therapists accredited to work with severe illnesses such as schizophrenia when they are not. Maybe you are a therapist, or a client or have had the insight of being on both sides of the fence. What do you think should be done, if anything.

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