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Tools for agenda/session design

How do you prepare your facilitation plans?

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Hi all! I'm involved in building an app to help designing better interactive workshops and training sessions. I'm curious to learn how do you currently prepare your facilitation plans for your workshops and sessions, what are your favourite tools for this purpose?

We want to save time and effort in the design process and would love to hear your feedback based on this 2 minutes video!

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By Alexandra_D
11th Apr 2018 14:11

Maybe our development experience will be helpful for you. We created a powerful application created to administer workflow in companies that provide social services, starting from contracts creation, staff time management and completing with reports on working hours and implemented work using mobile devices.

The workforce and facility management app was developed both for small and medium-sized service-oriented companies with dynamic and multiple processes such as booking and scheduling the delivery, order picking, engineer-to-order, and mixed mode operations. The suite allows simple management of provided cleaning and domestic services, customers, contracts, and orders, as well as short and long-term planning of work-shifts and activities in the company focusing on reducing time and management costs while increasing efficiency of all processes.

For service staff, the app allows carrying and self-monitoring their work effectively, simplify management of the service delivery process, realizing orders of consumer goods and creating reports on the spot. Moreover, it allows reducing the involvement of the team lead in small and unimportant tasks

For managers and the team leads, the app allows managing and controlling the time spent, the reporting and the working process of their employees more efficiently. All they need is in the mobile app. The app allows keeping successful customer relationships by using informative CRM, managing tasks, and reports by using task and reporting module with visualization feature.
You can view our project -

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By perspec1
09th Oct 2018 07:31

Cannot connect to the video. 100% success when applying the following:
Identify what the evaluation is going to be before designing the training using Jim Kirkpatrick's take on Donald's original work.
Well formed outcomes (John Seymour) - keep your outcomes fixed and the content and process flexible and you will have no problems in facilitating great learning every time.
David O Brinkerhoff/70:20:10 - balance of formal and on the job
Bernice McCarthy's format model - to generate motivation to learn and apply
Conscious competence model - to ensure people are feeling safe and secure so they can learn effectively
TOTE's (John Seymour / engineering) - to ensure people leave with the outcomes they are supposed to leave with.

All the best.

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