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Trainer Day Rates

Trainer Day Rates

Hello all

I have returned to Trainingzone after a few years away from my vocation and am now about to launch into freelance work.

I am an expereinced trainer and business person and have worked freelance before between 2000 & 2002 My question is what you think current acceptable day rates are?

My fields are Business Coaching, Management Training,  IT training & Database Design

Any help and contact is appreciated

Best Regards

Steve Mosley


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25th Feb 2010 18:51


I guess I am not telling you anything you don't know already but its the usual 'supply and demand' issue. The daily rate will vary depending on the need for the training and the amount of trainers able to provide such training.

Thus, in my former role as L&D leader EMEA for a large mulitnational I used to have to fly in a Risk trainer from the US who flew first class, stayed in a 5 star hotel in London and charged a daily rate of £2500. Luckily I only needed him twice a year for 3 days each time. But he had specific financial risk knowledge which the business was willing to pay for.

Contrast that with the Presentation Skills training company I used who I paid £1250 per day. I could easily have found another company to provide me such training so could demand a more competitive price from this company.

I left in July 2009 and back then a pretty typical daily rate was between £1250 to £1500.



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25th Feb 2010 19:10

In the UK freelance rates have fallen through the floor due to 100s of new freelancers in the market and a lot less work available. In the basic IT world £200 is not unusual - but for "soft-skills" anything less than £400 is not sustainable. If you can get work in the UK at £1200 - good luck - because unless you are a specialist there is a lot of competition!

Some time ago i created this page ( ) on my site to help freelancers set a realistic business rate.

The real driver is who does the marketing - if you are an associate working for the client of another company you do not have to cover the marketing and sales costs - so day rates will be almost 1/2 what you should get as a freelancer working directly for the client.

Both TrainerBase (now LPA) & Skillfair run annual freelance day rate surveys - worth a look.


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By scohen
03rd Mar 2010 11:13

Picking up on Mike's points about associate vs own clients and the reduced rate - beware purchasers of your services. I was asked to deliver a 2-day programme on behalf of a company; they had the title listed in their catalogue. BUT they wanted me to put together an outline for the potential target and then develop the materials. So, although they were doing the marketing, they wanted to pay me the usual lower associate rate for 2 days' delivery.

I asked for a copy of what they'd delivered previously, as it was already in their catalogue. I quoted a higher rate to pay for about 2 days' development (not really enough, but just about makes it worthwhile doing). Heard nothing since.


[email protected]


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