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Training attendance sign-off

Training attendance sign-off

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Hello everyone
I am interested to know how you handle authorisation for going onto training courses.
Currently we ask attendees before they enroll into a course to check with their managers that their attendance will not be too much of a burden on their team and their current work load.
The problem with this approach is that from time to time people forget to check with their managers and this causes friction with the L&D department.

We have looked at contacting each attendees line manager to make sure they know oabout their direct report going on a course, but this is way too demanding and would probably means we'd need someone part time to handle just this.

Any ideas would be welcome at this point as we are not too sure what to do to solve this problem.


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By clive boorman
29th Apr 2016 08:34

Hi Xavier, not sure how you do your Booking, via a LMS maybe?
What I would suggest is that when booking on the course you ask the individual to tick a box to confirm they have told their line manager before booking. You then ask them to confirm their line manager's name/e-mail address and then you actually send the joining instructions to the line manager in order that they discuss what they want their person to get out of the course. Hopefully your system would cope. If not, the main thing is asking the individual to tick that they have told their manager and make it a mandatory field so they can submit the request without completing it.

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By Bryan Edwards
03rd May 2016 12:15

Ask the manager and the delegate to work out three things they would like the delegate to get out of the course.

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By crouzilles
03rd May 2016 13:25

Thank you all for your answers


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Blake Henegan Optimus Learning Services
By blakehenegan
05th May 2016 07:34

Whatever you do don't take on the responsibility of having to check with managers. If employees want to access training then they need to respect and follow the rules.

You don't mention how the booking process works. If you use a LMS or technology then I'd back up Clive's suggestion.

If you don't use technology then I'd recommend communicating a set of rules for booking, it could be a simple form, email template etc to complete. Alternatively outsource the booking process to a company who would handle this part for you without the need to add in part time head count.

Whatever you do never bend the rules if the rules make the process run more smoothly.

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By lizzienotepad
11th May 2016 17:08

Hi Xavier

My organisation doesn't have an LMS yet, and I encountered the same problem.

I created a 'training request form' which is available on the company intranet (SharePoint), where the course directory is located as well. When I issued the course directory, I sent out communications explaining that if they wanted to apply for any courses, they would need to complete a training request form and send it to me - obviously signed by their manager.

The form also asks what they want to get out of attending the training course, so it should prompt employees having those conversations with their managers before attending a course.

It seems to be working rather well after a couple of months!

Best of luck!

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