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Training continuity after emergency drill

Training continuity

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Hello everyone,

Today we had a 2.5 hour training session taking place and a fire alarm sounded half way through. This meant our building got evacuated and once the Fire Brigade did its job of inspecting, we were let back in after 30 minutes.
How do you handle this kind of problem in your oganisation? Do you continue the training once you are back in the building or do you cancel the session and re-schedule it?

One of the reason for cancelling would be that people have other meetings to attend after the session and would not be able to attend all of the training due to overlap, there could also be other reasons.

Do you build any kind of contingency into your training sessions? If so, what approach do you take?
Personally, I feel that if everyone agrees they can spare an extra 30 minutes, then the session should continue, if more than 10% of people cannot then the session should be re-scheduled.


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By clive boorman
03rd Jun 2016 12:37

Hey Xavier - interesting question. In some of our more advanced delivery teams, we have reduced the time that people have to actually be in classrooms and give them more access to digital content. People go away, with tablets and mi-fi's, to consume the content in a space that suits them with an agreement of when people will return to discuss and review at an agreed time. We also make sure all of the content is bite-sized so that people can consume pieces of content and learning that is self-contained. I think Learning delivery should be more flexible to meet the need of the learners rather than just expecting the learners to be flexible.
In your scenario, for the teams mentioned above, people could possible still be learning even if they had to evacuate a building.

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