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Training Recruitment Agencies

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Hi, I’m new to the world of training in an official capacity. I have spent 16+ years in industry (investment and financial services) in a variety of senior roles, focussing more recently on training and development. I’m keen to move into the sector as a trainer - does anyone have any advice? Does anyone know of any recruitment agencies that specialise in this?

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By clive boorman
08th Mar 2018 10:37

I'm assuming that you are talking about becoming an in-house trainer for an organisation rather than an independent consultant? If so, I've been in 'training' (not used to using that word now), since 1988 and I've never been aware of a recruitment agency that specialises in this, (although I could be wrong).
Some advice? Well, first of all the reason why I say that I'm not used to using the word training is that feels like a very narrow role in modern world of learning and development.
So, first piece of advice is to research and be fully aware of what a modern L & D team is like. The term Trainer would suggest standing up in a classroom where lots of organisations have embraced blended learning methods so may want their L & D people to generalise or specialise in a number of disciplines. Consultation, digital content creation or curation, coaching, social learning, mentoring etc, etc.
I'm sure there are orgs that have the old school trainer role but, I think, if you want longevity you need to be embracing and aware of the way the modern learning organisation might be structured. Hope that helps.

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By Explorer Whiz
09th Mar 2018 09:36

We also don't know any recruiter like this!

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