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Trends in the training industry

Survey: Current & upcoming trends in the training industry

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I am always interested to learn about current and upcoming trends in the training industry and to get the most accurate results I would appreciate if any training providers could complete this short survey: 

The survey provides the chance to win a Discovery Workshop session (or remain anonymous) which looks in detail at your current training operations. The session covers 5 areas:

• Understanding your current processes
• Identify your current pains
• Identify areas where efficiencies can be made
• Define and prioritise your goals 
• Identify key aspects of your processes and map the process flow

Following the session you will be provided with a full report outlining your key processes and streamlining suggestions. All participants will be issued with a free copy of the survey findings report allowing you to benchmark your organisation against your industry peers. The results will be compared to last year's to see how the training industry is changing. 

You can access last year's results summary here:

Thank you in advance.


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