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Unconscious Bias training activities

Looking for ideas for training activities to bring to life unconscious Bias

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Can anyone help me in sharing any activities that demonstrate unconscious bias - I remember an activity with a plane from a long time ago - but can not remember this!

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By Bryan Edwards
16th Feb 2017 14:00

I used the following activity in an equal opportunities course many years ago for the first and only time because I didn't run the course again so I can't tell you whether it was a success (although it went down well when I used it the once):

Exercise: Conundrum

A man was travelling in the Italian Alps in a car with his young son. As he drove along the mountain road, suddenly, with no warning, an Alfa Romeo sports car appeared, coming straight at them in the opposite direction.

The man swerved to avoid it, and in doing so plunged over the edge of the mountain road. The driver of the Alfa Romeo called an ambulance, but it arrived too late to save the driver, who had died instantly.

However, although his 8 year old son was badly injured, with multiple fractures and burns, he was still alive. He was rushed unconscious to the accident department of the nearest hospital, where they decided to operate. As he was wheeled into theatre, the surgeon about to perform the operation saw his face, recognised him, and exclaimed “My son! My son!”

Who was the surgeon?

The answer: the surgeon is his mother.

Bryan - course delivery and off shelf training materials

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By clive boorman
23rd Feb 2017 08:50

ahh Bryan, classic lateral thinking exercise. I'm not sure if you can find it on-line but there was an advert for something like the Sunday times and it started with a close up on an elderly women in distress, crying in the street. It then expanded the view so you saw a skin head running away from her; so you think aye, aye; he's a wrong un. However, it expands again and you see the skin head is chasing another man who has the elderly women's bag. If you can find it, you could stop the action at the three stages and just ask; what's happening here?

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Replying to clive boorman:
Jamie Lawrence, TrainingZone
By Jamie Lawrence
23rd Feb 2017 09:42

Slightly different, but did you guys also see two-part video series of a man in a suit who starts coughing walking down the street and then 'collapses' and lies on the ground and loads of people rush over and help him. Then the same guy dresses up like a homeless person and does the exact same actions, and no-one comes to help him.

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By laurahood89
18th Apr 2017 16:05

When I was studying my CIPD, we were asked to do a test to see what our unconscious biases were. I think this might be it:
You have to effectively left and right click against faces, depending on the bias you choose. It was interesting because the group tended to be biased towards people who looked like us.
It did hit home!

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