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United strength is stronger - work smarter, not harder

United strength is stronger - work smarter, not...


we have an annual business event shortly for approx 50 managers when we will be, amongst other things, communicating messages on how tough this year is going to be regarding the challenging targets we have to meet and to celebrate our successes over the last 12 months..

I want to deliver/facilitate a quick session that will give the message that small efforts from lots of them working together will deliver some impressive results (the pyramids, ants etc) and that we are not asking them to break their backs working longer hours etc, as we feel that working together and smarter is the key.

Any ideas most welcome ??



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27th Feb 2012 16:53

Have you thought about the paper survival exercises; lost at sea, desert survival, stranded on the moon?  These are great ones for making the point that we tend to do better in a team than working in isolation. (they also work better than ants who have six legs and no life, or the pyramids, that were built by slaves who were regularly whipped until they died of exhaustion (maybe inappropriate images!)


I hope this helps

Rus Slater

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28th Feb 2012 16:51

Sorry, but my pedantism wont let this pass. Actualy Russ the Pyramids were not built by slaves, it's a misconception promoted by Hollywood.

Here are some intersting insights:

In fact tomb graffiti indicates that they worked in teams, so the fact they constructed such fantastic structures means you could still use this example but in a contra way.

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29th Feb 2012 09:56

I stand corrected, Garry, thanks for educating me in a such a nice way!

Still, the evidence was that the workers may have been "conscripted" and many showed signs of short, very hard life and an early death so whilst the outcome of their work is undoubtedly brilliant, the skill they showed marvellous and theiur dedication inspiring, I doubt many employees in 21st Century UK Plc would gladly volunteer to emulate such sacrifices!



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