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Voice & body language exercises

Voice & body language exercises

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Has anyone got any unusual voice and body language exercises / activities. (Particular emphasis on Sales and Customer Service training)

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By John Hepworth
20th Oct 2016 11:56

Breathing from lower part of the body. Co-ordinate that with your phrasing. Humming different letters at different pitches: sssssSSSSSsssss for example. And several others - as a trainer, I do most of this when I remember [!!] when getting shaved, as best to 'warm up' the vocal cords.

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By Bryan Edwards
23rd Nov 2016 12:14

I have a fun syndicate body language exercise (with answers) that asks delegates to place a range of body language behaviours into categories such as defensive; anxious; confident; overbearing etc. Takes about 10 minutes to complete.
If anyone would like a copy feel free to contact me via (click top toolbar item: About Us).

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