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What do you call "a group of trainers"?!

A troop? A triumph? What's YOUR word?

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So, we have "a gaggle of geese", "a bevy of beauties" and "a murder of crows"...

What collective noun can you come up with for "a group of trainers"?!


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By clive boorman
09th Sep 2016 08:08

We don't really use the word training or trainers now so we call people with expertise in Learning; Learning Specialists.

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Develop-meant Training Consultants
By develop-meant
09th Sep 2016 09:39

I'm trying to think of a fun alternative. I'll come back later this evening when I've had a couple of wines! It's when I'm at my most creative! In the meantime, looking forward to reading your clever responses. Ade

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Shonette Laffy
By Shonette Laffy
09th Sep 2016 10:01

How about 'a wisening'? :)

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Develop-meant Training Consultants
By develop-meant
09th Sep 2016 17:13

A flipchart of facilitators?!

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joy Wilson Spectrain Uk
By spectrain
10th Sep 2016 11:01

The wine certainly works Ade

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Replying to spectrain:
Develop-meant Training Consultants
By develop-meant
10th Sep 2016 14:06

Ha ha, Joy and THAT'S before I'd even taken a sip! Ade

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Jamie Lawrence, TrainingZone
By Jamie Lawrence
12th Sep 2016 09:20

Hodgepodge? A real icebreaker of a collective noun!

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By Rus Slater
12th Sep 2016 12:14

Ade, it depends on the subspecies....

>a train-wreck of trainers (those who are unprepared and keep losing the thread)
>a capture of trainers (those who love to take home 300 pages of flip-charted outcomes from each activity)
>a syndicate of trainers (those who just love to break the group into syndicates and make them work in small teams)
>a troupe of trainers (appropriate to those who think entertainment more important than learning)
>a troop of trainers (for those who may have learned their trade in the Army but who always want to push the learners outside their comfort zone)
>a drone of trainers (those who lecture rather than anything else)
>a luvvie of trainers (who want everyone to role play every scenario)

Are any of these any use to you?


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By Jules507
14th Sep 2016 10:09

'We don't call them trainers'? It would be interesting to dissect who does (plenty) and who doesn't - and why. I digress, that is a different topic!

An enthusiasm of trainers?

An androgogue of trainers?

A clunk of trainers? [because of the pennies dropping)

An enlightenment of trainers? (for when we want to be pretentious)

An All Star Squadron of trainers? (because Google said that's a good name for a team of super heroes)

A pair of trainers?

I'm on holiday, better get back to my sunbed...

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Replying to Jules507:
Develop-meant Training Consultants
By develop-meant
14th Sep 2016 14:58

Thanks everyone! Keep 'em coming!

Humbled that you took the time to post in between tanning, Julie!


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training delivery,inhouse,training material,slides,ebook
By Bryan Edwards
28th Sep 2016 11:40

A tirade of trainers!

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Replying to bryanedwards:
Develop-meant Training Consultants
By develop-meant
28th Sep 2016 12:21

I like that one, Bryan! That certainly defines me and my two colleagues when we're on a mission! Ade

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