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What makes a "good" L&D Training Consultant?

Looking for feedback into what makes other L&D professionals "good" in their company.

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I work for an established UK highstreet financial services provider in their L&D department and I'm researching for a potential upskill plan which will develop our training consultants to a minimum "standard level".  Currently, the quality of material, content and delivery can vary across teams, therefore more consistency is required.


So, here are my questions about your opinions on L&D Training Consultants

1) What makes a "good trainer"

2) What does their development journey look like?

3) What benchmarks do they have?

4) What are their values and morales?


All feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.




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By clive boorman
04th Dec 2018 10:15

we are embracing next gen L & D approaches and don't have traditional trainers as such. We have Learning Specialists and Content Creators. The LS's have moved away from being order takers to much more consultative using a performance based learning approach. We use Kirkpatrick's new world model and Cathy Moore's action planning approach as our best practice. Successful use of those approached form part of our benchmarks
We advocate blended learning and have a social learning platform for just in time learning and use Nelly from elephants don't forget to embed learning.

our values are around the adding value model and our development path is around understanding new learning methodologies and everyone is involved in CPD.

We have moved away from old fashioned benchmarks like x amount of people trained and x amount of time in the classroom and are using much more data around how have individuals contributed to performance being improved in operational areas which is agreed via our consultation process.

Next year we are ramping up to include auxillary trainers who are subject matter experts from the business to provide on-going support to people in situ.

Hope that helps.

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Replying to clive boorman:
By clive boorman
04th Dec 2018 10:17

sorry Emma, also meant to say our overall strategy and approach which gives us our direction is provided by following the Towards Maturity model.

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By perspec1
07th Jan 2019 11:29

1) What makes a "good trainer" This is a person who can systematically and consistently generate new skills for others so that they can apply them for themselves by applying outcome based learning.
2) What does their development journey look like? Practice, practice and more practice with as many different types of person/ learner/organisation/ culture as possible underpinned with a research based approach to identify good tools.
3) What benchmarks do they have? The only real one that matters, can the learners do what they are supposed to be able to do after the training.
4) What are their values and morales? Learning and learners first. Not accepting organisational compromises over affective learning - meaning all learning has to be driven, designed and evaluated through clear outcomes.

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