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What makes great course joining instructions?

What makes great course joining instructions?

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What makes course joining instructions great?

My thoughts are: 

  • The basics: venue, course materials, refreshment information, contact details
  • A breakdown of the course and its objectives 
  • Discounts and offers for rebooking
  • When they look professional and leave a lasting impression!

My full list is here:

What are your thoughts?

Replies (4)

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Shonette Laffy
By Shonette Laffy
14th Sep 2016 16:13

I think you've covered the most important aspects - the key details, the main objectives...I also like some sort of personality or informal aspect to the email, just so I have an idea of the sort of person who will be leading the session!

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training delivery,inhouse,training material,slides,ebook
By Bryan Edwards
28th Sep 2016 11:39

I agree with Shonette re- a short biography of the trainer. Also I would add the benefits they will derive from the course (what I call the WIIFY - What's In It For Me!).

I thought also of the learning methods that will be used (so that delegates can see the variety of what they will be doing). Then I thought about the folly of letting them know that there is role play (and how people feel about this method). Would it lead to delegates pulling out of the course/worrying the night before?
Bryan - course delivery and off shelf training materials

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By SteveRobson
27th Oct 2016 14:07

Firstly I would call it a welcome pack rather than joining instructions. They also need sending twice, first the detailed version about 3 weeks before the event and a simple version 2 days before as most people don't read the first one!

I also send them something to find out. For example, on one course I send them a picture of Capt Sullenberg and ask them to find out who he is? what he did? where he did it? ...and what do think the link is between him and the course we are doing?...

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Blake Henegan Optimus Learning Services
By blakehenegan
07th Nov 2016 08:03

You've missed off an important aspect; pre-course evaluation questions to help measure potential behavioural change post event.

Personally I don't see the need for offers at this stage. If the training course is high quality then this will encourage people to book again.

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