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What qualifications do I need?

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Hi all,

I am a qualified nurse and would like to teach clinical skills in the care home setting. I have a diploma, degree and a TGUK teaching certificate which I gained whilst working in the role of a trainer. I have been approached to do some training by a home manager and it got me thinking that I could actually do this on a full time basis, the problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to go about it! 

Any help would be much appreciated

Do I need a particular training qualification?

would I need to set up my own limited company?

any advice would be great!




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By sthephanekudlick
01st Dec 2017 04:38

You need to be professional to your work.

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By arthurBrooks
10th Aug 2018 13:56

Before you invest too much time, money and effort in setting up a buisness. You need to do a quick verification of the potential business, clients, and income to get an idea if it is sustainable.

You can achieve that in following 2 ways

1- Create a page on facebook , and descibe your services , contact information etc, and make few posts on the page with images
Then invest some money (50 to 100 USD will be enough) to buy ads. Target your audiences carefully and
run the ads for 1 week On a budget of 10 USD per day. After one week chekc how many likes, comments and most important actual business queries you got.
This can give you a clear idea about the potential of your business, If 5-10 people have liked your page an dno one has inquired about your services then probably no one would do after you have setup actual business.

Second option could be to setup a blog in care home niche using wordpress and hosting (could cost you around 50)
Then list your services on it, your contact information and write few detailed posts about the care home setups tips and ideas etc.

Market this blog on facebook, twitter, pintrest, instagram and join local groups, other forums, and see how much repsonse you get

In this way you can really validate your business. And remember to setup a blog or facebook group you do not need to register a company, or do other
stuff. You can validate your potential business with 100 USD.

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