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When are taster sessions most effective?

When are taster sessions most effective?

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Which kinds of training do taster sessions work best for? My thoughts are:

  • High-cost courses (£500+) 
  • Courses that run over a long period of time (4 weeks or more) 
  • The course covers very in-depth content which the delegate needs to learn more about

This blog offers some top tips on holding effective taster sessions:

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By clive boorman
03rd Aug 2016 07:58

we would never buy a course of any type without first having a taster; it's just part of our procurement process. However, tasters don't have to be delivered live by a person coming into the office. We did an excllent one by MS Lync where we shared screens - we were in Sunderland and the trainer was in London. We experienced another by just watching some video content that the vendor recorded at a live event; it doesn't have to be a huge cost to provide a taster (or involve lots of travel).

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Shonette Laffy
By Shonette Laffy
03rd Aug 2016 12:41

I agree with Clive that very few people would invest in a course without some sort of idea of what to expect, and you can't get that from just a website or email. Demos in person or online are great, and I also think organisations want detail on how a course can be tailored to their specific needs, no matter how long it will be running or how much money is going into it.

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