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Where to start with customer journeys?

Where to start with customer journeys?

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I work for a very established organisation but i'm new to the role (not the organisation) and i'm the very first person to have the responsibility of mapping customer journeys and getting us ready for a new CRM, new digital awareness within the company and generally having some focus on our customers. 

If you were starting again in your organisation, or if you were new to a role, what types of exercises would you do in order to fully understand a customer journey and to help make recommendations for future working?

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By MuddyBoots2018
22nd Oct 2018 20:22

Your role sounds similar to mine. Are you mapping customer journeys as they are new or how you want to develop them in the future?

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By clive boorman
23rd Oct 2018 13:04

For me, my company's customer journey wasn't about the customer, it was about the way that data flows. If I were to start again, I would make it about the actual customer so that people were focussing on the right thing.

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Iyabo A Email & Marketing Automation Consultant/Trainer
By IyaboA
23rd Oct 2018 17:00

I would start by defining your ideal customer(s) and the challenges they face in their journey to buying from your organisation. Create a blueprint of steps in the journey that work well, not so well, status and activities needed to change status. The final outcome could be a system built to help you and your customers to get the best out of future engagement. Hope this helps!

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By perspec1
29th Oct 2018 12:06

I would seek first to clarify what the outcomes are from the company - are they intending to be excellent at:
Service efficiency
Innovative products or services
Very customer intimate providing a bespoke service to each person?
You have to meet the market expectations in all three and aim to excel in one as you USP. Many companies are not clear on what they are trying to do and get all three badly wrong.
Ask some customers in and go through a visual process map with them to see what is actually happening and what is better or worse than the process says it should be.
Engage the team and ask them to map how they could deliver a better offering to customers using soft systems analysis or rich pictures. This way you end up with a fully engaged team and a very practical and clear plan of how to deliver the outcomes.

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