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Who do you share your training materials with?

Who do you share your training materials with?

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I started wonder as I read an interesting blogpost recently - see here - Made me think that I was more actively sharing my training materials until I was in a volunteer NGO environment, but less often lately.
What do you think about sharing your materials (outlines, exercises, ppt-s) with other trainers? Is it often happening?

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By SteveRobson
29th Oct 2013 08:06

I have an unwritten rule that I will share any materials I have with anyone who wants them...however I always check first what they want them for.  

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By pollypomfrey
29th Oct 2013 12:04

We set up a site for trainers to share their materials, totally free:

Based on the freecycle idea, and pay it forward. The thought being that if you use material, then upload some for others to use too - as long as you credit the original source, preferably via weblink.

Interesting blog post - and it makes total sense because the more we share the basics, and less we have to 'reinvent the wheel', the more we're free to focus on really engaging people with the learning itself.


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By Rus Slater
30th Oct 2013 11:28

My experience is that all trainers are happy to use other peoples' material, at least in part.  And most trainers are happy to share their material, again, at least in part. Personally I have given away masses of material in the past and I've received a pretty large amount back.

Most trainers like to have some input to the material they deliver, so I don't think many people, when working on 'their own bat' (as opposed to being contracted to deliver someone else's material) want to just use a ready made, off the shelf course...people will get this and then amend it to fit their particular audience, industry, style etc.

Trainers (soft skills in particular) tend to be 'givers' as people.....but that doesn't mean that we still have to earn a living!


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