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WordPress Webhosting Plans for Small Businesses

Looking for suggestions for a shared WP webhosting plan that can give us at least 300GB of storage

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We are looking for a reliable webhosting provider to use for data backup and for hosting our WordPress site. We are a provider of Energy Performance Certificates based in Northern Ireland. We are required by our Accreditation Scheme to maintain photographic evidence of our site surveys. For this reason we need a hosting provider that will give us at least 300GB of space.

We looked at a lot of hosting providers. Some of the best web hosting plans offered us unlimited space at very reasonable prices. We selected a plan for £8 per month. This was not the cheapest plan. However, we thought that this was the best WordPress hosting plan for the money and we migrated our site and data to their server.

However, within less than a month the host shut us down. We were contacted by the host who said that we had too much data stored in the server and that this presented a risk to other websites hosted in the same server. The web hosting company offered to sell us a VPS server for £45 per month or a basic dedicated server for £199 per month. I emailed to the host and explained that I am a little confused since we had been offered an “unlimited” space hosting plan. And we are also disappointed that we were shut down. We also feel that the host are pushing us to upgrade to plans that are ten times the price.

I have seen other well-known hosting firms offering web hosting plans for WordPress sites. They offer unlimited storage plans too. However, now I am not sure what this means. Can you suggest a reliable WordPress Hosting plan that will give us at least 300GB of storage?


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24th Jan 2018 12:34

When web hosting companies promise features such as unlimited storage it is not to be taken literally. It is more like a marketing tactic. Even some of the world’s most known hosting companies, like Godaddy, Hostgator and, advertise plans that come with unlimited space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth. Technically this is not possible. Your website’s files will be stored in a big computer, called “the server”. That will be located together with many other servers in a server room, usually known as a data centre.

Servers have a finite amount of space, measured in GB or TB. A server’s space can be several TB big. However, in a shared hosting environment, that space will be split among many users (websites). If your site’s allocated space is between 10GB and 100 GB that is pretty good. Web hosting companies have seen that 99.9% of the average WordPress websites, used either for business purposes or for private blogs, do not need more than 100GB. In fact, the vast majority of websites have files that do not exceed 1GB of storage. Therefore, web hosting firms think that it is safe enough to promise unlimited web hosting space, in the hope that you will never need it.

Check out some of the best WordPress Hosting companies that offer 10GB of storage

If your company need to store over 10GB of files, I recommend you get cloud storage services, such as

If you need to host your data in your very own server, where you host your site, then you will need a VPS server or a Dedicated server. Most dedicated hosting services offer 300GB of storage or more. However, you will be paying a lot more than your current shared hosting plan. The prices offered by your current host for VPS and Dedicated Hosting seem reasonable.

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