Docebo helps Real Estate Companies shift from traditional classroom to online learning programs

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A brand new E-Learning case study explains how online training can help Real Estate companies embrace their growth while providing high quality distance training programs.

Naples, January the 8th 2014 - Docebo ( and Solo Affitti ( present a best practice model that reinforces the value of Learning Management Systems and how E-Learning can support quality and customized programs for a dispersed workforce.

The cloud-based LMS provided by Docebo, with its off-the-shelf integration with web conferencing software, has enabled Solo Affitti to rapidly increase the quality and quantity of trainings delivered to their overall network; with the ability to internally organize the training phase, manage it in a flexible and effective manner, and customize it based on the needs of the franchisees.

Executive Quote - Solo Affitti
“For any franchise agency, training is the main tool used to deliver those specific technical skills that are needed to undertake a specific activity, while respecting the operating procedures adopted by the entire group. In addition to this important purpose, here at Solo Affitti - where specialization and a highly qualified network is a part of our mission - training represents an added value, an opportunity for growth, and a prospect to professionally prepare our network. People’s knowledge and skills are the most important assets for a company that wants to be both competitive and successful. In order to increase and retain our "intellectual capital", we need to invest in every single agent, and ensure that every single agency of Solo Affitti’s network is recognized for its professionalism and reliability by the local communities."
Silvia Spronelli Vicini I General Manager I Solo Affitti Spa

The new training models adopted by Solo Affitti were built around the opportunity to sustain the rapid growth of the network, and to meet the needs of delivering rapid and effective training sessions to a scattered workforce. As a result, the Company opted for new methods of creating and delivering trainings to the entire agency network. Owing to Docebo’s great implementation, Solo Affitti was able to keep costs down through reducing time allowance for travels and still delivering highly effective training programs.
The complementary case study can be downloaded HERE.

About Solo Affitti
Solo Affitti is the real estate franchising market leader in Italy for rent and property development. The company, with international operations in Spain and US, entered the Italian real estate landscape as a revolutionary challenger. It now boasts an extensive network of steady growth, which makes it the absolute benchmark for tenants and owners.

About Docebo
Docebo is a disruptive Cloud E-Learning solutions provider that is revolutionizing the Online training market with its Cloud "As a Service" Learning Management System, doubling its active worldwide customers quarterly and building an international partner network in more than 26 countries. The main products (Docebo SaaS and Docebo Premium) are designed for both SMBs (Small and Medium businesses) and Enterprises. Customers benefit from Docebo solutions thanks to a scalable pricing model, a third party.

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