computer based training for soft skills

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Are there any products available or companies involved in developing CBT in areas such as communication skills, negotiaion, personal effectiveness, asserviveness?
sue kennedy


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By admin
03rd Oct 2000 16:24

There are CBT products in CD-Rom form, server form, intranet based and internet based. It depends on what you need and how much you want to spend. I would like to think that some of the venders are watching this space and will jump at you quite quickly. We've looked at CD-Roms from Xebec and intranet-based courses from Xebec, Skillsoft, Maxim and others.

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By rodwebb
04th Oct 2000 13:02

Our partner is the worlds leading supplier of e-learning with over 1,750 course titles available, including many business skills courses. (These courses are also all available in cbt format). Courses titles include Budgeting and Financial Management, Business Fundamentals, Business Law and Contracting,
Developing Marketing Strategy,Human Resource Management,Interpersonal Skills, Leadership and Project Management to name but a few.

For more information give me a call on 01423 546958 or visit our website at


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By admin
05th Oct 2000 13:51

Hi Sue
There are, as other people have said, many products available in this area from many companies. If you wish to talk about your interest in this area, please call me and I will be happy to discuss. Our interest in this area - we produce course material on soft skills subject areas.

Call me on 0161 875 0103

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07th Oct 2000 22:59

We do multi media based on the Oxford and Cambridge business skills. They are bespoke to the needs of the organisation requiring the course and are generally best combined in the "soft skill" areas with seminar introduction and internet support. We find that a range of methods in this area is the best way to teach.

For further details contact us on [email protected] or 0870 241 3998

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08th Oct 2000 19:37

Fahamu, a consultancy based in Oxford, has recently produced 'Writing for change', a CD-ROM that trains effective writing. It is primarily aimed at international non-governmental organisations, but will be of use in any other context. It's stylish, easy to use and relatively cheap. But then - I did write the material.

Take a look at for more details.

Best wishes

Alan Barker

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By admin
09th Oct 2000 14:22

If you would like independent advice on virtually all CBT soft skills resources available in the UK, you can visit the Online Directory at our free website and search by the topics you are interested in. We are an independent reseller of resources in all media from over 100 publishers.

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By admin
09th Oct 2000 19:32

Sue - in the eLearning world there is often reference to 'CONTENT IS KING.' We help organisations with that content and our focus is purely on soft-skills, indeed our corporate name 'SkillSoft' supports this philosphy! With over 360+ courses, each of at least 2-3 hours covering topics such as Management, Leadership, Customer Service, Call Centre, Project Management and Finance we aim to offer the industry's largest, and highest quality range. Further information on or contact me on 07780 876619. Regards Russell Harper, SkillSoft UK

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By admin
09th Oct 2000 20:51

The Booher/InterCom Interactive Series

Imagine having writing and grammar expert Dianna Booher in your office! Using your computer and a CD-ROM drive, you and your employees will have access to Dianna¡¦s expertise when you need it!

InterCom and Dianna Booher have partnered to produce a series of self-study interactive courses, emphasizing the mastery of writing, grammar, and negotiating skills. Each course provides three to five hours of training based on Dianna Booher¡¦s works.

These highly interactive courses provide exercises to practice what you learn with feedback to correct misunderstandings. They contain module tests to verify your understanding of the material.

„Y Learn at your computer when YOU have time
„Y Eliminate travel to training workshops and seminars
„Y Use CD-ROM multimedia format and interactive audio
„Y Check your progress with module tests
„Y Master skills through criterion-based learning
„Y Measure progress with course record-keeping system

These CD-ROMs can be purchased individually or as a business writing four pack (Effective Writing; Effective Editing; Good Grief, Good Grammar; and More Good Grief, Good Grammar).

To order a fully functional demo CD-ROM containing ALL FIVE of these courses, please contact us.

Booher Consultants, Inc.
4001 Gateway Drive
Colleyville, TX 76034
Phone: 817.868.1200
FAX: 817.318.6521
Email: [email protected]
Order Online:

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10th Oct 2000 08:53

I find it rather scary that suppliers can state categorically that individuals interacting with a pc screen will learn 'soft skills' ....surely an oxymoron - the whole point of developing intra and inter personal skills - such as self esteem, confidence, empathy, listening - is to interact with others and build skills interactively....
maria bennett
01844 238775

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10th Oct 2000 19:11


I too, for the longest time, said that no one would even try to do soft skills training via CBT or WBT. I know of a couple of existing programs that attempt to do this, but in one case, they will admit that the best soft-skills training is done with a live instructor vs. CBT. What has happened is that there have been requests for CBT soft skills training, and some of the vendors are trying to fill those requests. Perhaps those needing a "refresher" course would benefit best by soft-skills CBT, but can you imagine trying to learn public speaking via CBT? Doable, but tough. I think WBT might have a better chance her with a live instructor online.

Regards, Scott Stein

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