Consultancy skills: where is the horses' mouth, please?

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I'm looking for the received wisdom on the skills of consultancy. The skills I'm looking for in particular are problem diagnosis and analysis, interviewing skills, identifying the key areas for improvement and planning for change.

Can anyone point me anywhere - or to anyone - interesting?

Alan Barker
Alan Barker


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By tim
01st May 2000 22:49

Without doubt, the best resource I've come across on consulting practice is Peter Block's 'Flawless Consulting: A guide to gettting your expertise used' published by Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer in the US. You sometimes see it in business book shops in the UK, but it's well worth ordering. It's excellent.
Tim Pickles

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02nd May 2000 06:52

Can I recommend the following books, best at the top, worst at the bottom:

The Performance Consulting Toolbook
Carolyn Nilson
ISBN 0-07-047169-X

Performance Consulting
Berret koehler
ISBN 1-881052-30-3

Organisational Consulting (A Gestalt Approach)
Edwin Nevis
GIC Press
ISBN 0-98976-124-7

Management Consulting
M. Kubr
International Labour Office
ISBN 92-2-101165-8

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02nd May 2000 13:28

Atkins Business Solutions offers both IT and Soft Skills training , consultancy ,coaching , mentoring and provision of resources. One of our consultants would be more than happy to discuss your query with you, and fineline the type of information which would be most beneficial for you. In the first instance please contact Gail Bean on 01759 30 4321

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By admin
05th May 2000 11:07

Dear Alan

PMSL run courses and offer 1-2-1 coaching in the areas you mention.

Please ring for more information on 020 8871 5063.


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