Brain training: learn quicker and perform better

Can we train our brain in a way that keeps it in-flow and agile for learning? Sally Tanski – Leadership Development Facilitator and Coach for Full Potential Group – believes so. In this three-part series, she explores our neurological design to uncover ways in which we can improve our brain's agility to learn more, reduce stress and avoid making mistakes at work.

Brain illustration
7th Mar 2018
Arie de Geus, Shell Oil, once famously said in the 80s ‘A company’s ability to learn faster than its competitors may be its only...
Stress in the workplace
15th Mar 2018
If your learners are stressed, they will struggle to process new information, highlights Sally Tanski, Leadership Development Facilitator...
Man holding blue safety helmet
21st Mar 2018
Mistakes at work could be avoided through training our brains to better deal with stressful situations, highlights Sally Tanski, Leadership...