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CAn anyone tell me if it is possible to reduce the notice period on someones contract. If so how do I need to go about this.
Melanie Hayes


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30th May 2001 00:45

You can reduce notice periods simply by giving the employee contractual notice that you wish to change thier contract. If they do not agree to the change you simply give them notice to terminate the contract and then offer them a new one with the revised notice period included. However - and it is a big however - you may leave yourself open to a claim of contructive dismissal if the change in notice period is significant. Employees will want to know why you are looking to reduce their notice periods - they may suspect they are about to be made redundant. Even if this is not the case to maintain harmoneous employee relations you may ned to look at buying out the notice period in exchange for something else such as longer holidays.

Quentin Colborn

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