Daft gizmo of the week?

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In a short piece in TrainingSupersite's monthly magazine comes a suggestion that workmates in open plan offices purchase a set of three foam shapes to show (or throw) at near neighbours to indicate how approachable they are. A red foam cube indicates that you are not to be disturbed, a green pyramid indicates you are free and ready to chat and we can only guess what the yellow pyramid means.

Protbloc, the Washington DC manufacturers call these blocks 'communication shapes' and liken them to 'the office dooor is closed' messages before hot desking and open plan. No retail details for the UK but they retail at $19.95 in the US.

Do TrainingZone subscribers have any other suggestions for cute foam stuff?


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13th Apr 2000 17:31

I suspect the reason people actually buy these items is because the foam rubber matches the lining of the room in which they are kept.

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