Coaches get extra help to ensure best practice

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An increasing number of coaches are adopting some kind of coaching supervision in order to help their professional practice, according to a report by the Association for Coaching.

Findings of the second survey into Coach/Mentor Supervision (CMS) revealed that 71% of respondents now implement some kind of supervisory strategy in their day to day practice, an increase of 23% since the first survey was conduced in 2005.

The research serves as an indication of how the coaching profession is evolving in terms of credibility and professionalism, according to Katherine Tulpa, Chair of the Association for Coaching (AC).
"The AC is totally committed to raising the standards of the coaching profession and we have a number of initiatives which lead coaches towards coaching supervision, including our accreditation scheme and coach/mentor supervision phone-ins," she said, adding that it is not just the AC that takes the issue seriously.

"Coach Mentor Supervision is deemed to be so important as part of coaching best practice, that all the coaching bodies have come together at a roundtable to discuss guidance and to establish the principles of best practice in supervision."

According to the report, although coaches increasingly recognise the need for coaching supervision and actively embrace the concept, the research shows that the principal barriers to supervision are finding the right supervisor and cost.

"If coaches are to be recognised as a profession, they need to take seriously the issue of coaching supervision and invest in it," said Gladeana McMahon, founding member of the Association for Coaching.

"Similar professions, such as psychology and counselling went through the same issues a long time ago, yet today, all they are expected to have some sort of supervision to ensure quality and sound judgement. Coaching is undoubtedly moving in the same direction," she added.


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