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Distance Learning - promise or threat?

25th Feb 1999
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An interesting, thoughful and reflective article summarising one person's 'adventures' in the use of distance learning methods which offers a salutory lesson about some of the claims for this method of teaching/learning.

Written by Andrew Feenburg who clearly has considerable experience in the field.

The conclusions towards the end are well-worth reading if you want a realistic assessment of the contribution which distance learning can make.


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By shaonawilliams11
06th Oct 2016 08:14

Advantages of distance learning: 1. No relocation is required. you can interact with with your teachers or mates without visiting them at scheduled intervals.
2. Work from anywhere using an internet connection because you will probably need to keep up with streaming video or live chat.
3. Flexible class schedules means you can interleave your learning time with your other activities in the way most convenient to you.
4. Save time and money by not traveling to and from physical classrooms. etc.

There are many more.

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