Trainer's Tip: Induction for Directors and Senior Managers

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How do you put together an induction for directors and senior managers? Nic Shugar has this advice.

Here are some thoughts based on some "100 day" coaching programmes I have run. Not comprehensive by any means, but hopefully a thought-starter or stirrer

1. Organisational structure at overview and detailed level.

2. Review of vision and culture for the organisation
including level of buy-in and commitment.

3. Review of existing 12 month goals, strategies and plans for own department/ area of responsibility and for direct reports.

4. Review of communication cascade process and a relevant test of its effectiveness in the participants' areas.

5. Review of individual 12 month objectives and development needs with direct reports.

6. Review of quality of working relationships with participants' relevant Leadership Teams, direct reports and broader network.
7. Identification and route map to achievement of quick wins.

For me, this induction period is as much about preserving these senior contributors' independence of observation and thought as it is about familiarising themselves with the people, culture, processes and technology in their new workplace.


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