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Coffee Briefing: Millennials, digital natives and 'big pie thinking'

4th Nov 2016
Deputy Editor TrainingZone
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It's time to set aside some five minutes to catch up on the week's L&D news and opinion over your morning (or afternoon, or evening) coffee - we hope you're sitting comfortably...

Let us know what you think the pieces we've shared, and tell us what you've enjoyed reading too!


- Your sensitivity is a career superpower. Here's how to use it (Forbes)

- How to manage your time like a world leader (Creative Huddle)

An LPI members journey..... big pie thinking #2 (Krystyna Gadd)

- Should we train 'digital natives' differently? (Association for Talent Development)


- How social media can create a better work environment (Hootsuite)

- Social is an inside job (The Simple Shift)

- Top 20 learning and development tweeters (Elearning Industry)



- Looking for top talent? Stop looking for degrees (Justin Bariso, LinkedIn)

- Welcome to the New Talent Journey (Mervyn Dinnen, LinkedIn)

- Understanding millennials and the opportunities they bring to the workplace (Impraise)

- Why I try as hard as I can to invest in women and minorities (Joanne Wilson, LinkedIn)


- Learning and development has changed...have you adapted? (Modern Learning in Practice)

- Legacy, leadership and ego (David D'Souza, LinkedIn)

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