Chief Strategy Officer Eukleia
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Compliance training
Compliance training

“It is critical that compliance training innovates to engage participants.”

25th Jul 2017
Chief Strategy Officer Eukleia
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Kate Lander recently joined Eukleia Training – a Governance, Risk Management and Compliance training specialist – in the newly appointed role of Chief Strategy Officer. Her unique combination of financial, training and digital expertise will be crucial for providing innovative solutions in a rapidly evolving environment.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, HRZone: What is the purpose of your newly appointed position?

Kate Lander, CSO, Eukleia Training: We are privileged to work with many of the world’s leading financial and corporate organisations.

As our clients face ever greater demands around compliance and risk, as well as managing the consequences of globalisation and workforce change, it is vitally important that we continue to innovate both our content and delivery approaches to training.

My role as Chief Strategy Officer is to work with our clients to understand their current and future needs, as well as to explore how we utilise ever changing developments in technology to create the most innovative learning solutions to meet their needs.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, HRZone: Can you tell us about some of the the key objectives you will be tackling?

Kate Lander, CSO, Eukleia Training: At a very high level, we view our training solutions as being a combination of both content (the ‘what’) and delivery (the ‘how’).

In the governance, risk and compliance arena the content we cover is largely directed (or at least influenced) by regulators and/or industry organisations.

Although that being said, we are seeing an increasing emphasis on self governance these days.

With delivery in particular, there are huge opportunities for innovation driven by influences such as the new capabilities of technology, the learning style of millennials and the ever increasing need for analytics around learning and assessment.

As part of the Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), Eukleia Training is in a fantastic position to be at the forefront of this innovation and that will certainly be at the core of our objectives.

The marketplace is rapidly changing, from both a product and competitive landscape.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, HRZone: You bring a lot of digital skills to this role. What will be your digital focus in the first 90 days?

Kate Lander, CSO, Eukleia Training: For Eukleia, the role of engaging digital solutions has always been around meeting our clients’ needs. Although there are now more digital enhancements than ever before, our focus will continue to be on developing those into learning solutions that offer the most benefit to our clients.

Therefore we will assess the importance of innovative design, mobile deployment and analytics, and continue to integrate these into our specialist training solutions.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, HRZone: How will you make sure your training offering is suitable for a rapidly changing market?

Kate Lander, CSO, Eukleia Training: The marketplace is indeed rapidly changing, from both a product and competitive landscape.

However despite all the changes the industry has witnessed in content or delivery style, the core values that Eukleia apply remain the same.

These entail taking the time to really understand our clients’ current and future needs/objectives, designing innovative solutions that utilise the absolute best in class resources and then delivering these to clients through a fully supported deployment process that ensures they meet the objectives.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, HRZone: What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you in this role?

Kate Lander, CSO, Eukleia Training: The biggest challenge is undoubtedly also the greatest attraction of the role!

Through the fantastic array of clients that we have the benefit to work with, and our expertise and experience, we have the chance to contribute towards changing the way organisations, and even industries, manage meeting their demands around governance, compliance and risk. 

These changes will not happen easily, nor rapidly, but they are fundamental and necessary to the integrity and strength of those organisations involved. To be part of those changes is a hugely exciting opportunity.

The Zero Threat game is a first in its kind, providing an innovative and engaging tool that allows organisations to deploy an interactive gameplay environment.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, HRZone: Why is innovation so important within compliance training? How do you plan to keep Eukleia’s offering on the leading edge?

Kate Lander, CSO, Eukleia Training: As they increase their exposure to technology, many organisations deliver more complex products for which the compliance and risk management requirements become more onerous. This applies to many industries, not just the well publicised scrutiny on financial services.

Compliance and risk management training demands are often extremely time sensitive, carry high consequences if not adhered to, need assessment and analytics, and often require different groups to have different learning pathways.

If that isn’t challenging enough, some participants may view the topics covered as less than exciting.

At Eukleia Training we believe it is absolutely critical that compliance training innovates both the content (as specialists in this sector our subject matter experts add real value to interpretation of regulations) and the approach to delivery of training, so as to engage and educate the participants.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, HRZone: Are there any exciting projects in the pipeline that you can reveal to us?

Kate Lander, CSO, Eukleia Training: I’m afraid I can’t share too many details of some of the exciting stuff we are looking at, but recently Eukleia Training, in partnership with Preloaded (one of the other companies within the Learning technologies Group), released an award-winning cyber-security learning game, called Zero Threat.

The Zero Threat game is a first in its kind, providing an innovative and engaging tool that allows organisations to deploy an interactive gameplay environment to educate workers on the risks of cyber-attacks, ransomware, phishing, vishing, password hygiene and other cyber-security threats.

As our clients roll out this innovative solution we are looking at new ways of engaging the ‘modern learner’ and changing behaviours in the workplace and beyond.





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