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Have your say on L&D tech trends
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The L&D industry is going through a period of rapid transformation, with new and evolving technologies entering the marketplace on a regular basis. But how does your business compare to others when it comes to L&D technology adoption? Take part in our two-minute survey and receive must-know insights from our follow-up report.

To find out which L&D technologies are being adopted en masse, and which are struggling to gain traction, we've teamed up with the Learning and Performance Institute to run a new survey to uncover the latest L&D tech trends as we head into 2019.

In order to reveal which learning technologies are hot right now and to compare how different businesses approach the adoption of new tools and platforms, we're looking to hear from learning professionals within companies of all sizes (minimum of 10 employees) and from any industry.

What are we focusing on?

In our research, we'll look at areas including:

  • Which learning technologies are being adopted by organisations today and which are of little interest

  • Which products/platforms are gaining traction amongst the early adopters of L&D technology

  • How organisations view the emergence of new L&D technologies

learning technology survey

Why take part?

Complete the survey (and submit your email address) and you will:

  • Have your say on what's trending in the L&D tech space today

  • Receive a PDF of the report exploring key findings from the survey

  • Find out how your company’s approach to L&D technologies compares with other UK companies (by downloading the report)

Don’t miss out! Fill in the two-minute survey today to contribute your say.


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Becky Norman

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