Learning Technologies, morality and self-directed learning

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Learning Technologies 2017

- Learning Technologies 2017 preview (Learning Light)

14 key people and four useful things you need to know about Learning Technologies 2017 (Kate Graham, LinkedIn)


21st century skills: in 5 steps from buzzword to better soft skills development (Train Tool)

Can the gig economy survive the British worker? (BusinessZone)

- Transform the best you have into the best there is (Inc)


- The case against empathy (Vox)

- Are we lost in the minutiae of employee engagement? (David Zinger, LinkedIn)

Why the secret to productivity isn’t longer hours (The Guardian)

- Are we all working for free? (The Independent)


- How unconscious bias is holding your company back (Dennis Yang, LinkedIn)

- Digital L&D Pt1: Beyond e-learning (Modern Learning in Practice)

- 5 pointers for getting your head around e-learning (Rachel Burnham)

- Three strategies to power your self-directed learning (Zak Slayback, Medium)

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