Blended Training or Learning

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Until recently I had always considered the term 'Blended Learning' related to a mixture of delivery methods e.g. Online, distance and face to face.

I then read an article by Martyn Sloman who suggests that this is actually Blended Training rather than Blended Learning.

What is everyones view on this?
Gareth Pugh


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04th Mar 2002 15:44


I recommend reading Martins book, "e-Learning: From Propositions to Actions" - it is one of the few excellent e-Learning reference materials - and it's UK based.

My understanding is that in the book, Martin suggests that the difference between learning and training is the important thing rather than the delivery method, which makes a lot of sense.

The book is really easy to read and is certainly value for money & value for time - It is worth it.



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03rd Mar 2002 10:30

Pretty much one and the same really.
eLearning should not be seen as a replacement to more traditional training methods.

When you get your driving license, you don't have your legs surgically removed because you don't need to walk anywhere again. The car is just a vehicle. As is eLearning.

It just means that a trainer has more tools at their disposal to deliver the training, whether or not those being trained are motivated is a whole new ball game.
E-Coaching is also a totally new filed and vastly different for traditional training.

I have some info on this if you would like it.

email me - [email protected]

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15th Mar 2002 16:58

I think the subtle message here is that simply mixing media together doesn't necessarily result in any better learning. Getting the training blend right, so that it enhances the overall training event, so creating greater learning, is the issue that many are wrestling with now. There are still too many "cobbled together" blended solutions that soon fall apart when scrutinsed. Thompson Learning have a great research paper showing how blended learning enhanced the quality of the training over other methods. It can be downloaded from their website.

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