Comdex Conference - Bill Gates warns of death of the browser

15th Nov 2000
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At this years Comdex conference, in his new role as Microsoft Chief software architect, Bill Gates introduced two new products and at the same time issued a warning stating that the browser is dying.

Gates claimed that the future lies in a software-to-software model based on XML protocol with peer-to-peer models such as Napster, Gnutella and Instant Messaging. However, Gates still felt that these do not go far enough to resolve problems of privacy, security and people working asynchronously.

Gates stated that the browser is now showing its age and that there is a real need for development tools and standards that will take off at a different level.

A handheld device called the tablet PC was also introduced whereby it is utilising the Whistler operating system and has the processing power of a fully fledged PC. The main selling point was the fact that this tablet could recognise handwritten ink.

A normal handwritten note could be processed and then formatted and edited in exactly the same way text is currently manipulated on screen.


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