Computer security firm offers $50,000 to crack system

17th Jan 2001
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OpenHack III is a competition sponsored by eWeek magazine and has a computer security firm involved in challenging hackers to attack their security system which they claim to be virtually impenetrable.

The security product called PitBull will have hackers attempting to try and break into it and if successful, win a $50,000 prize, supplied by Argus Systems Group, the makers of this product.

In this competition, hackers are given two weeks in order to complete four tasks that relate to corrupting a website protected by PitBull. Each task is awarded a prize, but those that manage all four the first, is given the $50,000. Previously Argus was considering giving a car as the main prize, but from earlier competitions, many of the competitors are not old enough to drive.

In previous eWeek competitions, sites were successfully hacked, however recently held events resulted in hackers not successful in breaking into the Argus protected systems.

Argus stated that these competitions should prove how good their products are, however, those in the computer security community think that the cleverest, most dangerous hackers stay away as they do not wish to reveal their secrets, or who they are which are the requirements for claiming the prize money.


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