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Creating Fantastic IT User Guides

11th Jul 2001
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I'm an Trainer responsible for providing training on a wide-range of IT-related subjects and software.

I would like some guidance with creating user guides for IT-based subjects/software.

Can anyone recommend any books, articles, websites etc?


Rachael Le Marquand


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By nicialdridge
16th Jul 2001 22:44

Hi Rachael

As well as producing the traditional course reference guides for our IT training courses, we also produce TipSheets for some courses. We create them in PowerPoint, print them double-sided and laminate them for a durable and convenient suppary of key points and tips.

If you'd like to see some of these, a selection is available to be downloaded freely from our website on

If you'd like more information, contact me on [email protected].

Nici Aldridge
A2Z Computer Services

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By AnonymousUser
27th Jul 2001 19:32

the "In no time" books are excellent - pictorial and in plain language. Get them at WH Smith.

Companies like EBVT in nottingham have excellent training guides, they generally are designed for specific qualifications (CGLI, etc)

I also found excellent, esp for Access - they had powerpoint presentations of Relational Databases that were excellent

Try using Alta Vista (UK version) and searching on either the application name or the topic (ie relational databases). I found their results the best of all

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By Michelle764
07th Sep 2001 11:30

Strangely enough the MS web site has some tip pages, some of which are quite good.

Be care though - several of them have the same tips repeated.

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